Fiachra Kinnaird

A Fianna warrior from the bloodline of Vale


All Fades ( The Trials of Friends)

Home is behind, the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread.
Through shadow, to the edge of night.
Until the stars are all aligned.
Mier and Talder, Terrass and Dom.
All shall fade, all shall fade

One he fell, to hunters blade
Though bodies filled his path of rage
Doms fallen, the hunters fled
If not for me they’d all be dead
One has fallen, but four remain
All shall fade, all shall fade

One she fell, through fire and flame.
Her world is now a Faeries game.
Miers fallen, the Fae revel
Before the end their world shall melt.
Two have fallen, but three remain
All shall fade, all shall fade

One he fell to, vampires grasp
Her tainted will held him fast
Terrasss fallen, but not for naught
In that cave the vamp shall rot
Three have fallen, but two remain
All shall fade, all shall fade.

One more fell, to spiral dance
Betrayed his pack, he’ll breath his last
Talders fallen, Black Mark still spun
The Wyrms will for now undone
Four have fallen, but one remains.
Shall fade, all shall fade.

Home is ahead, the world once saved.
Though these thoughts will not evade.
Packmates fallen, Black Mark is worn.
Wyrms dark curse a son is born.
To friends and family, clan and kin.
All shall fade, all shall fade.

Fiachra Kinnaird

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